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Quick Access – the early bird gets the worm By Nelia Roberts It is not easy keeping up with the Jones’. But in our ever-changing markets & tough times, it is important to allow the sales force to understand, never mind keep up with all the new technology – from iPhone/iPad’s with applications, tables and smartphones, it can’t be easy to assist a client seamlessly. Unless we are flexible in what we do with our customers or prospects for that matter, to allow ... Read more

New In Summer 2013: Personalise Your Key Fields Lists in Maximizer

By Mike Richardson, Managing Director, Maximizer Software EMEA Here's a great bit of advice on the new features in our new Maximizer CRM Summer 2013, posted by our colleagues in Canada. Customising your view of information in Maximizer is something I’ve talked about again and again. So it should probably come as no big surprise that one of the new features I’m most excited about in Maximizer CRM 12 Summer 2013 is designed to make it easier for your to do just ... Read more

Cloud vs on-premise CRM

Anita Holley, Maximizer Software Here are my top seven things to consider when choosing your CRM deployment and whether to go the cloud or on-premise route: First off, consider the functionality you require and what is most important to you; for example, ask yourself if you need… Easy to use contact management A simple user interface Easy access for all staff Flexibility to increase and decrease the number of users Data held securely Low monthly costs or a one off payment Integration with other business software   Review your company, your business ... Read more

New In Summer 2013: Business Rules with Dependent UDFs

Anita Holley, Head of Marketing - EMEA One of the things that makes Maximizer such a versatile CRM solution is the ease with which it can be customised. By creating custom user-defined fields (UDFs) you can personalise Maximizer to fit the needs of just about any organisation or business unit. Any attribute or tidbit of information you can think of that you’d like to store about your contacts, you can create a UDF for it. But one piece of this puzzle that has ... Read more

5 Signs Of Sales CRM Failure

Matthew Ranger, Head of Sales, Maximizer Software EMEA It’s a demanding job being a sales manager. These days the job not only requires natural sales ability, people management skills and solutions expertise, but also strong experience with a powerful CRM system, which helps reach a variety of prospects, customers and influencers across multiple channels. The job becomes even harder when the system is potentially under-performing. With technology becoming faster, software updates more frequent and the move to the Cloud, sales managers need to look closely ... Read more

Homeworking employees need mobile CRM to be productive

Mike Richardson, Managing Director, Maximizer Software EMEA Remote working has been much in the media lately, I even wrote a blog about it before! Because ever since Yahoo sparked off a firestorm of debate by banning work at home a couple of months ago, with various commentators debating whether it is good practice. Despite Yahoo’s anti-homeworking stance, the trend of doing business outside the confines of the traditional office marches on. And it isn’t just about telecommuting from home. Figures from the UK ... Read more

It’s a CRM deployment jungle out there!

The top performing Sales representative from one of our Business Partners in South Africa sent over a few of his holiday photos last week. Looks like he has been enjoying some time getting back to nature and maybe a bit too up close and personal with a massive bull elephant! To be honest, outdoors and camping are not my preference; if I’m on vacation, I need the location to be at least as comfortable as the home I have left behind, ... Read more

Taking your business to cloud nine

What can SME's do to maintain profits? We may just have avoided a triple dip recession, but that doesn’t mean that businesses – especially SMEs – aren’t having a tough time keeping profits up. Many companies have been looking around for changes they can make to their business to reduce overheads and boost output. For many an option they have been considering is moving their CRM system to the cloud, financing it through a subscription model – which means they only have ... Read more

Why Is CRM So Important For SMEs?

Why is CRM so important for SMEs? Surely it is a tool for large organisations with masses of Big Data on their thousands of clients. This once was the case, but as discussed in this article if an SME wishes to grow and be profitable, managing customer relations is essential and here are five reasons why:- Customer retention It's common knowledge that it costs more than six times to generate business than to acquire new business. New business takes up valuable resources but ... Read more

Social CRM – are we there yet?

The statistics are damning - British business doesn't appear to be ready for the social customer. Our infographic below shows that just 16% of British businesses have adopted Social CRM, while 17% are completely unaware of its existence. Only 21% are planning to implement, while 46% have absolutely no plans to "go social" with their customer relationship management software just yet. This is in stark contrast to the social customer. 42% of social media users have used their social accounts to contact a ... Read more
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