Cloud computing is the latest way to work with and store your business data and is being hailed as the next big trend. This is highly understandable when you learn exactly what cloud computing is and how it can benefit your business.

Key Benefits

  • Low initial investment
  • Reduced IT overheads
  • Highly flexible working
  • Smoother service
  • No hassle IT maintenance

An individual or company can entrust their data and software to an external provider who will host their data and software for them. The individual or company can then use their software and data as before but they do so via the internet; this is known as cloud computing. Max Cloud CRM uses cloud computing to provide its customers with a recession defying CRM solution, which allows a vast choice of flexible payment methods, functionality and deployment options, to provide a cloud CRM solution which is unique to your needs.

The terminology
One of the most daunting aspects of any computer innovation, like cloud computing, is the new terminology it comes with. Before going into further detail it is worth familiarising yourself with the following terms and phrases:

  • Cloud consumer: any person or organisation that arranges for the delivery of a cloud service, either for themselves or for their individual users. If you were to subscribe to one of Max Cloud CRM’s solutions, you would be a cloud consumer
  • Cloud provider: a cloud provider delivers cloud services to cloud consumers. Max Cloud CRM, together with its business partners form a global network of cloud providers
  • Hosted or located in the cloud: a way of describing a cloud system. Max Cloud CRM is hosted by one of Max Cloud CRM’s trusted partners who hold the consumer’s data on a secure server, allowing them to access their data in the cloud, via the internet
  • On-premise: the main alternative to cloud computing, in terms of software deployment. Having software onpremise means it’s installed and run by your company, on your own server. Therefore you require the hardware and IT infrastructure to maintain the software
  • Operating in the cloud: when a cloud consumer uses the cloud to access their data via the internet
  • Moving into the cloud: the activity of converting on-premise IT resources into cloud computing is known as moving into the cloud. CRM software can often utilise a large amount of your available IT resources, so if you’re were to move your solution into the cloud with Max Cloud CRM you will free up a surprising amount of time and money
  • Client: the point by which a user accesses a computer system. When the cloud is involved the client is known as a cloud client and would be your PC, laptop or mobile device by which you access your hosted system
  • Datacentre: the facility that houses server computers for an organisation. Similarly, datacentres which host cloud systems are known as cloud datacentres
  • Cloudware: software which operates in the cloud.
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