Security of data is the number one concern of potential hosted CRM solution consumers. Not being able to physically possess the storage of their own data means they must rely on the provider to keep their data safe. MaxCloud CRM hosts highly confidential and vital data for some of the top financial, medical and industrial organizations in the world because reliability and security form the basis for all the CRM software we develop.

What happens if your provider goes bust?
Another concern with cloud based CRM solutions is the possible loss of data which can occur if a cloud provider goes out of business. If your CRM system is being hosted by a provider which goes bust then your data can be at risk. This depends on a number of factors, the most important of which is whether your cloud provider offers you an escrow agreement or an arrangement to that effect. This means that your data can be accessed directly by you in the event of your provider going out of business. It would be highly unlikely that MaxCloud CRM would fall on hard times, with over 25 years experience, but to put your mind at ease we offer a comprehensive escrow agreement which will fully protect your data should the worst happen.

Data migration
The migration of data to the cloud, from the cloud or between cloud services can be problematic in some instances. This is due to compatibility issues between differing operating systems and applications. MaxCloud CRM solutions are compatible with Microsoft Excel® and have various advanced import and export features making the problem of having your data stuck in one place a thing of the past.

What is SaaS?
Software as a Service (SaaS) is the largest category of cloud services, providing a very wide range of software which is managed by the host. MaxCloud CRM and its business partners can provide this kind of service, giving you a pioneering CRM solution that is specific to its end-user requirements but is entirely hosted for them.

MaxCloud CRM allows the user to customise various aspects of their system. This gives users various possibilities to adapt and mould their CRM system to uniquely fit them and their needs. For example, differing security levels can be put in place, so private and confidential information entered by the users can be made only viewable by certain parties. In addition, portals can be made available for external parties to the organisation to view, edit and download certain information on your CRM system.

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