Maximise Business Productivity
Built to maximise business productivity, MaxCloud CRM consolidates all contacts, action items, business communications, reports, and results into one central hub, making information accessible throughout the organisation, yet customisable to suit your unique business needs.

Accessible through smartphones, tablets, the Web, or your Windows desktop, Max Cloud CRM enables you to track your sales deals, manage your marketing initiatives, resolve customer service cases, and collaborate with your team, anywhere, anytime.

Getting Going with MaxCloud CRM
Getting started is simple. Just sign up to the package that suits you best and we’ll do the rest. You can also trial MaxCloud CRM for up to 30 days.

We will set up your system and send you login details; then all you need do is sign in and start managing your customer relationships.

Tailor & Personalise

  • Create and add unlimited fields for information appropriate to your business needs and requirements
  • Design and tailor screen layouts to suit the needs of individual users and teams

Design & Feel

  • Design screen and data presentation to suit your business needs, your users and teams
  • Create clear and clean workspace for each individual
  • Display only the data and functionality relevant and preferred
  • Maximise productivity and efficiency with customised interfaces for each user

Data & Protection

  • Manage access rights, users, teams and privileges
  • Protect your business with powerful and comprehensive security features for your system and data
  • Control accessibility of features and functionality

Contact Management

  • Manage unlimited companies, contacts and individuals
  • Designed to support B2B and B2C business activities
  • Provide a complete view of your customers and prospects
    • Add Notes, manual and automatic
    • Phone logs, incoming and outgoing
    • Documents, all types of documents and information
    • Emails, both sent and received
    • Appointments: for individuals or groups
    • Task management and reminders
    • Sales opportunities and progress history
    • Marketing events and activities
    • Customer services cases
  • A complete history for each of your customers and prospects.


  • Seamless MS Word and Outlook integration
  • Email ‘one to one’ or ‘one to many’, with user and time-stamped history
  • Favourite lists and personalised column setup for easy tagging of records, reporting and viewing of data
  • Easily create static or dynamic lists
  • A centralised documents library provides easy access to all your corporate information; never be using out of date documents, prices etc!

With MaxCloud CRM you can increase productivity & effectiveness to maximise your wins. MaxCloud CRM allows you to maintain sales momentum, track and measure individual and team performance and generate accurate forecasts. MaxCloud CRM lets you engage with customers with a responsive, timely sales approach. The system also allows you to gain an edge over competitors and equip your team with the most impactful sales force automation solution that provides access to customer and sales information — when they need it, wherever they are.

The Sales module allows you to:

  • Update customer, lead and sales information through multiple access options – through a web browser or on handheld devices (BlackBerry®, Apple® iPhone™and iPad™, Google® Android™, Windows Mobile®).
  • Access popular programs directly from within MaxCloud CRM such as Microsoft® Outlook® for email, calendar and tasks, Word® for letters and quotes, and Excel® for importing data and exporting reports.
  • Document the entire history of each customer’s lifecycle — tracking conversations, transactions and incidents to help deliver greater value over time.

Sales Management and Forecasting Tools

  • Stay in control of sales enquiries throughout the opportunity life-cycle
  • Keep in touch via alerts for important status changes
  • Manage sales territories by setting up guidelines and parameters
  • Get valuable results at-a-glance for Sales Target Management (quota module)
  • View user and team performance against targets
  • Conditional colour highlighting to provide an immediate visual impact
  • Manage and support sales and opportunities for your Channel Partners and Resellers

Performance Measurement

With wizard-driven dashboards in MaxCloud CRM, managers begin each day with a visual health check on leads, opportunities and deals in progress. You can:

  • Gain actionable insight by checking your personalised dashboard for a visual snapshot of sales leads, opportunities and account status.
  • Stay updated on team, territory and individual performance, ensuring accountability and the required level of motivation within your sales organisation.
  • Keep tabs on your biggest deals by staying alerted to important changes in their status.
  • Analyse opportunities and adjust strategy accordingly with instantaneous reports that deliver insight through sales pipeline funnels, lead summaries and forecast analysis.
  • Manage products, quotes and orders linked to sales opportunities to accurately track the entire sales and purchase cycle.
  • Optimise sales resources to make the most of talent and expertise
  • Increase close ratios by modeling best sales practices that guide salespeople through a proven process.
  • Apply sophisticated, custom methodologies to better manage unique opportunities, or take advantage of simple Action Plans and built-in templates that keep straightforward deals moving ahead.
  • Drive more sales through channel partners with Partner Relationship Management lead assignment and forecasting.
  • Automatically assign leads and accounts based on territory rules ensuring that high potential opportunities flow to the appropriate teams and reps.
  • Track the progress of deals in the pipeline with territory reports.

MaxCloud CRM allows you to target precisely to maximise response & ROI. With the powerful, built-in campaign manager and email marketing engine, you can validate and execute more targeted, cost-effective campaigns. Spend marketing dollars wisely by measuring results and redirecting resources to initiatives that generate proven returns.

MaxCloud CRM lets you fill the sales pipeline with targeted leads and make the most of every outreach and ensure solid follow-up every time, by tightening up the tactics of your email-based marketing.


  • Email campaigns using campaign templates
  • Share marketing collateral and documents across your organisation
  • Ensure consistent branding and communication
  • Communicate efficiently and pro-actively with your target audience
  • Email campaign response information
  • Identify campaign success rates at-a-glance
  • Monitor successful and key messages for future campaign design

Marketing and Management

  • Customer segmentation and custom fields
  • Target customers and prospects quickly using easy profiling and list management.
  • Communicate relevant content using easy profiling and list management
  • View linked leads and opportunities per campaign
  • Ability to track the progression and outcome of opportunities by campaign
  • Determine the link between targeted marketing and closed deals
  • Opt-Out by subscriber set automatically
  • Comply with privacy, do-not-call and anti-spam legislation with out-of-the box, system-enforced safeguards.
  • Multiple land-page tracking and Campaign Management response metrics
  • Track up to five separate landing page URLs in your email marketing campaigns
  • Valuable insight into which links get the best response
  • Advanced campaigns with ROI calculator and management
  • Automatically calculate campaign ROI and instantly see conversion rates
  • Evaluate the cost of customer acquisition
  • Identify which campaigns are commercially beneficial
  • Marketing planner
  • Keep track of important campaign details and deadlines
  • Assigning step-by-step action plans to team members
  • Dashboard reports keep you informed with real time reports
  • Campaign progress displaying metrics, or simply share the dashboard via email
  • Set up automated processes for lead management, such as automatically responding to web inquiries with a series of emails and alerting the appropriate sales representative to follow up.
  • Collect data from web forms directly into MaxCloud CRM, including any custom fields.
  • Automatically calculate campaign ROI — instantly see conversion rates, evaluate the cost of customer acquisition and interpret response rates to focus on what’s working.
  • Track the progression and outcome of opportunities by campaign to determine the link between targeted marketing and closed deals.
  • View campaign response rates at-a-glance to identify which tactics are most successful.
  • Effectively manage marketing resources to optimise time and budget on high-yield projects that contribute to the bottom line.
  • Keep track of important campaign details and deadlines by assigning step-by-step action plans to team members.
  • Share marketing collateral and documents across your organisation to ensure consistent branding and communications.

MaxCloud CRM lets you resolve issues faster to maximise your customer satisfaction. You get to shape your customer’s experience by providing your service and support teams with the information and tools to interact and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. MaxCloud CRM can allow you to satisfy customers by delivering exactly what they need, when they need it, helping them to become selfsufficient. You will also be able to leverage new found customer confidence to cross-sell, up-sell and promote repeat business.

With MaxCloud CRM you can navigate service issues to rapid resolution and with timely access to product and customer information, service representatives deliver greater value on every call.

Case Ticket Management

  • Timely access to product and customer information
  • Enable service representatives to deliver faster response times


  • Knowledgebase article management.
  • Resolve issues faster with a central repository of critical customer case details
  • Knowledge base of common incident resolutions


  • Automatic notifications to customers.
  • Pro-actively communicate, case creation, escalation and resolution to customers

Case Management

  • Ensure effective follow-up and gain an understanding of business issues
    • assigning
    • routing
    • queuing
    • escalation
  • Make the best use of specialised knowledge by assigning and escalating cases based on expertise.

Case resolution management

  • Effectively track, manage and resolve all customer issues,
  • Manage technical support, billing and returns

Case monitoring and alerts

  • Delivery timely support service to customers
  • Notifying representatives of new case assignments
  • Notify and manage overdue cases
  • Analyse case queues to ensure customer satisfaction and retention remains high.

Case Management

  • Link case to products and services.
  • Faster case management
  • Identify duplicate cases, highlighting potential issues at the on-set

Plans & Reminders

  • Set call plans & reminders
  • Satisfy customer by delivering exactly what they need, when they need it
  • Improve the customer experience and retention rates
  • Ensure service agreements are renewed on a timely basis by tracking contract expiration dates.

Complete History

  • Save and attach documents to cases
  • Resolve issues faster with easy access to a complete history of every customer


  • View Customer Service executive Dashboards
  • Gain a clear view of your overall service record with real-time access to critical customer service metrics

MS Word
Quickly and easily produce personalised letters, proposals, and faxes with information from any field, and automatically stored with the contact record.

MS Outlook
Store MS Outlook emails with customer information, you can choose what emails you want to store against your customer record.
Integrate MaxCloud CRM appointments with MS Outlook Calendar.

MS Excel
With one click, you can export pre-defined information to MS Excel for sharing or analysis.

(Microsoft Word, Outlook Integration, and Advanced Export to Excel are not currently supported with Mozilla Firefox2 9.0, 10.0, 11.0, 12.0 13.0 for Mac.)

Access MaxCloud CRM with your handheld device:

  • All Smart phones with an Internet connection
  • All Tablet style devices with an Internet connection
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows operating systems
  • MaxCloud CRM Anywhere Screen view individually designed to suit specific access devices

View and update information live for

  • Company
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Appointments
  • Sales Opportunities
  • Customer Service Cases

Gain an edge

  • Gain an edge over competitors and equip your team with the tools to increase performance
  • Real time access, whilst “on the road” to allow you and your team to work productively and effectively – anywhere, anytime
  • Compose email dialogue
  • Manage appointments with alerts
  • Create calendar entries anywhere, inviting attendee(s), and requesting appointment confirmation with ease, reducing administration
  • Mobile dashboards
  • Monitor critical business information in real-time with immediate action options

*Sales Management, Forecasting and Customer Service not available in Lite Editions

Business Intelligence

  • Get valuable insight into your business with pre-built reports including:
  • Pipeline report – Win/Loss/Abandon analysis – Forecast analysis
  • Lead summary – Campaign summary – Customer service case analysis
  • Workload by customer service representative – Daytimer schedule printouts


  • Search and report on all fields for data segmentation and interrogation
  • One click report export to excel and advanced reporting
  • Create business specific reports to gain further insight into customer trends and information
  • Analyse data for new business opportunities and operational efficiencies
  • Support for Crystal Reports and SSR’s (SQL Services Reporting)


  • Wizard driven customisable dashboards centre
  • Key performance indicators, including display of sales forecasts, customer service incidents and marketing campaigns
  • Dynamic drag and drop for dashboard layout and graphing
  • Dashboard sharing via email for easy report sharing
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