The cloud could be a great solution for your CRM solution if:

You are a small-medium sized company
When the number of CRM system users reaches over 100, it could make more financial sense to have an on-premise CRM solution, such as MaxCloud CRM. However, if you have a smaller number of users you could cut costs substantially by choosing MaxCloud CRM, as you won’t be running servers and paying in-house IT staff .

You want the flexibility in how you access your CRM
By moving your CRM solution to the cloud you have the ability to access it from anywhere at any time via the internet. MaxCloud CRM based solutions are highly versatile, having been especially designed to operate in a reliable and user friendly way on smart phones, computer tablets and other mobile devices, making your CRM truly accessible.

You want to ensure the return on investment of your CRM
MaxCloud CRM offers a low monthly subscription which you can increase to include more functionality, as and when you need it. This means you aren’t paying for any features you don’t use and you can expand the features and number of users at any time.

You want the solution but not the hassle
MaxCloud CRM options offer you the functionality of an expensive on-premise solution without the headaches and price. MaxCloud CRM and its software partners handle any technical issues, leaving you to simply use your CRM solution to grow your business.

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