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If your business is looking for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software without the IT and hardware expense, MaxCloud CRM in the cloud is a powerful online system. With its award-winning features, robust platform, easy deployment and affordable monthly subscription model, it provides powerful CRM in the cloud, with easy-to-use mobile access on many devices including. And because it is a cloud based solution, there is little technical expertise required and no need to manage and maintain complex hardware infrastructure. The result is a cost-effective web based CRM system that can deliver a quick return on investment, while freeing your company to focus on its core competencies.

Plus, MaxCloud CRM gives you the freedom to migrate to a different deployment option!

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MaxCloud CRM is one of the most powerful yet affordable business productivity solutions available. With it’s speed of deployment and choice of affordable monthly subscription options, it is an obvious choice for any business looking to avoid managing IT in-house.

MaxCloud CRM requires little technical expertise and no upfront costs for hardware or software, resulting in an economical CRM software solution that allows you to revolutionise the performance of key areas such as marketing, sales, customer service and management.

MaxCloud CRM can offer you two flexible cloud CRM solutions:

  • Partner Hosted CRM: whereby a Maximizer trusted partner provides you with a cloud CRM offering that is hosted geographically local to your business
  • Maximizer CRM Live: use MaxCloud CRM via the cloud, through MaxCloud CRM direct cloud offering.
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Is CRM in the cloud right for you?

Cut through the jargon to ensure you get the perfect deployment option for your unique needs.

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