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If you would like to retain direct control of your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and manage it in-house, MaxCloud CRM on-premise CRM editions will not disappoint you. Choose from Entrepreneur, Group and Enterprise options to get the right functionality for you and with plenty of add-ons available to enhance your CRM system’s abilities further on MaxApp World, Maximizer on-premise CRM is able to fit to any business process.

Though it’s an on-premise solution, you can still empower your mobile teams via smart phone and tablet device acccess and empower those in the office and on the web to drive forward productivity with powerful integrations with LinkedIn®, Microsoft Office® and web-based document management applications. PLUS increase the flow of new sales leads with web forms, which send web-generated leads directly to your sales team. Whatever version you choose, an on-premise CRM solution certainly won’t see you standing still when it comes to the very latest features and enhancements.

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With Maximizer CRM being deployed on-premise, your data and software applications are held in-house, in your company’s office, on your servers, giving you complete control of all connectivity, including: CRM at your desk, CRM via the web and CRM via smartphone and tablet.

With on-premise CRM you retain complete ownership of your customer data, you can utilise in-house or existing IT resources and you avoid recurring subscriptions costs.

Via the principal product, Maximizer CRM 12 Summer 2013, you have a choice of on-premise CRM editions, so you can find the MaxCloud CRM solution to support your in-house and in-the-field needs.

Everything can be updated in real-time, driving efficiency and maximizing every business and service opportunity.

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Is on-premise CRM right for you?

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