Whether you have a smartphone or tablet, with MaxCloud Customer Relationship Management (CRM) you have access to comprehensive sales, customers service and management functionality on the move.

Get real time insight into key metrics, see sales forecasts, resolve customer service cases, manage your work calendar, follow opportunities and create tasks and activities for colleagues back in the office. Get MaxCloud CRM and ensure you have all customer information at your fingertips anytime, anywhere to maximize all opportunities.

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iPad Demonstrations

Why not download our two iPad demonstrations? Both interactive pdf’s give you a real-time flavour of the functionality you recieve with web access Maximizer CRM on your iPad and also smartphone.

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” url=”https://maxcloudcrm.com/?page_id=605″ target=”_blank” size=”18px” hover=”fade” target=”_blank” name=”moon-file-pdf”]    Mobile CRM for Sales PDF Interactive Mobile CRM walk through for Sales

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” url=”https://maxcloudcrm.com/?page_id=609″ target=”_blank” size=”18px” hover=”fade” target=”_blank” name=”moon-file-pdf”]    CRM for Customer Service PDF Interactive Mobile CRM Walk through for Customer Service

CRM on your mobile device

Maximizer mobile CRM for smartphones and tablets ensures your CRM solution is not only accessible, but easy to use and fast to update while you and your team are on the road. Available from almost any web-enabled smartphone or tablet, with real-time access you can view: sales forecasts, customer service cases, notes and documents, appointments, tasks, sales opportunities and more. Simply upload the latest information from each appointment and your Maximizer CRM database will automatically synchronise to ensure office bound teams are kept up-to-date with your progress.

Maximizer Mobile CRM offers several options such as MaxMobile1 for BlackBerry® and Windows Mobile® and Wireless Web Access for nearly all smartphone and tablet devices.

Blackberry smartphones

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” url=”http://www.maximizer.com/supported-products/maxmobile-blackberry.html” target=”_blank” size=”18px” hover=”fade” target=”_blank” name=”moon-file”]    MaxMobile for BlackBerry

[v_icon color=”#1e73be” url=”http://www.maximizer.com/supported-products/handheld.html” target=”_blank” size=”18px” hover=”fade” target=”_blank” name=”moon-file”]    Supported wireless devices and browsers

MaxMobile for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile Pocket PC, and Windows Mobile smartphones is an add-on product available for Group and Enterprise editions of Maximizer CRM. MaxMobileLite is available for Entrepreneur Edition. Additional fees apply. MaxMobile requires at least one Windows Desktop, Web Access, or Dual Access licence. IIS server required.

CRM on the web

Maximizer CRM on the web enables you to host your CRM application in-house, utilising your own existing IT infrastructure, or by choosing one of our cloud offerings, have your CRM hosted by Maximizer or by one of our Business Partners, to have a low cost, no hassle but highly effective and flexible CRM solution.

Web Access allows staff in remote offices and those that travel to access Maximizer CRM in real-time, from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Information is kept on secure servers and it provides staff with web-based CRM access through a secure web browser, allowing them to stay productive and reduce downtime.

CRM at your desk

As an alternative to Web Access, bring remote office team members into the fold for real-time collaboration with MaxExchange. The Maximizer CRM data synchronisation option provides online and offline access for remote workers. From the moment a remote team member logs in, MaxExchange automatically uploads that individual’s updates to the main database and synchronises the most recent information from headquarters. With access to all the same data, modules and processes, staff can maintain productivity even when offline.